Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

ACBAR mid-term General Assembly

Published: 06:26 PM 24-10-2016 Updated: 09:14 AM 25-10-2016

ACBAR mid-term General Assembly

ACBAR mid-term General Assembly of ACBAR was held on Monday 24th October at ACKU in Kabul University, an occasion for ACBAR members to review ACBAR activities and action points over the past 6 months and elect new NGO members. Overall, over 93 NGOs participated.

New members elected with clear majority

Complete list of members (Oct 2016)


ACBAR Key Achievements (April- September 2016):

ACBAR and its member finalized ACBAR Strategic Plan (2017-2018).
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  • Active participation to the revision of NGO law
  • Steering Committee met CEO Dr Abdullah in June to raise NGO issues. Also present were Minister of Economy and Deputy Minister of Finance
  • Held diversified and relevant meeting engaging key NGO stakeholders: Regular coordination in the humanitarian sector with OCHA on different levels – HCT, CHF, clusters, regional managers, ad hoc meeting on sectorial issues (Citizen Charter, Corruption, Disability etc.)
  • Reached out to donors to provide updated information on funding for members
  • Cooperation with IMMAP on mapping of member activities by sector and location
  • Website and Facebook updated regularly
  • Attended the main conference at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and organized a  joint side-event presentation - ACBAR and AfghanAid
  • Presented a Briefing paper for NATO conference in Warsaw
  • Supported preparations for Civil Society discussions throughout Afghanistan and coordinated briefing papers for the Brussels conference with members  and other civil society networks
Capacity building
  • Thanks to the Twinning Program 4 out 22 NNGOs have passed the due diligence for CHF.
  • The Twinning Program held  comprehensive trainings on emergency assessments, Proposal writing, field visits
  • 9 training courses on Project Design and Team Management - Daikundi, Bamiyan, Farah, Nangarhar, Kabul, Kunduz, Ghor, Ghazni  and Badakshan . Participants = 458 (351 M + 107 F)
  • July – Sept - 5 evaluations of  participants and their use of trainings in Nangarhar, Bamiyan, Kabul, Kunduz, Ghor 
  • 2 national NGO partners held mainstreaming of disability courses in 12 provinces with TAW/DFID funds (ALSO and AOAD)