ACBAR mid-term General Assembly
Update: 03:56 PM 30-06-2019
ACBAR mid-term General Assembly

ACBAR Key Achievements (April- September 2016):

ACBAR and its member finalized ACBAR Strategic Plan (2017-2018).
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  • Active participation to the revision of NGO law
  • Steering Committee met CEO Dr Abdullah in June to raise NGO issues. Also present were Minister of Economy and Deputy Minister of Finance
  • Held diversified and relevant meeting engaging key NGO stakeholders: Regular coordination in the humanitarian sector with OCHA on different levels – HCT, CHF, clusters, regional managers, ad hoc meeting on sectorial issues (Citizen Charter, Corruption, Disability etc.)
  • Reached out to donors to provide updated information on funding for members
  • Cooperation with IMMAP on mapping of member activities by sector and location
  • Website and Facebook updated regularly
  • Attended the main conference at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and organized a  joint side-event presentation - ACBAR and AfghanAid
  • Presented a Briefing paper for NATO conference in Warsaw
  • Supported preparations for Civil Society discussions throughout Afghanistan and coordinated briefing papers for the Brussels conference with members  and other civil society networks
Capacity building
  • Thanks to the Twinning Program 4 out 22 NNGOs have passed the due diligence for CHF.
  • The Twinning Program held  comprehensive trainings on emergency assessments, Proposal writing, field visits
  • 9 training courses on Project Design and Team Management - Daikundi, Bamiyan, Farah, Nangarhar, Kabul, Kunduz, Ghor, Ghazni  and Badakshan . Participants = 458 (351 M + 107 F)
  • July – Sept - 5 evaluations of  participants and their use of trainings in Nangarhar, Bamiyan, Kabul, Kunduz, Ghor 
  • 2 national NGO partners held mainstreaming of disability courses in 12 provinces with TAW/DFID funds (ALSO and AOAD)