The Tashabos Educational Organization
Update: 03:45 PM 30-06-2019
The Tashabos Educational Organization

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The Tashabos subject includes business development, management, marketing, personal economics, management, leadership and other related topics. The program currently is taught in four provinces (Kabul, Parwan, Nangarhar and Bamyan), has enrolled 34,000 students and hired 63 teachers. Every year, a national Business Plan competition is organized, where the top 10 students are given extra business courses to increase their capacity. The top three students also receive a prize and a small contribution to start their business. According to the NGO TEO, 773 business plans were created in 2015, and 966 in 2016.

We are providing students with knowledge and a methodology to increase their management and leadership skills. We introduce them to entrepreneurship and also to small businesses and government agencies to broaden their perspectives.” Haqbeen said.

The NGO also organizes regular exhibitions with authorities, civil society, donors and small business representatives to present students’ initiatives and boost their confidence. For Fatima it is way to meet new customers that she would not otherwise be able to access otherwise.

Tashabos has helped me shape my business. We create new designs from old things: Afghans like this because our products are original and inexpensive. Foreigners like the handicrafts and the concept. During an exhibition, I sell most of my product line in the first hours of the days! It is so encouraging!”

When asked where she sees herself in five years, Fatima answers, “I will have a bigger business, with five shops in busy areas. What matters the most when setting up one’s own business is skills and determination. We, the youth, can do anything


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