Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Coordination & Mapping

Last Update: 10:52 AM 20-06-2017

Coordination & Mapping


Afghanistan's Working Group Mapping



One of ACBAR’s pillars is to ensure coordination and effective information flow among NGOs and stakeholders. We believe that cross-organizations collaboration and dialogue increase NGOs’ efficiency, improve the quality of our work and spark innovation.


To tackle Afghanistan humanitarian and development’s challenges, NGOs and agencies (UN, donors, government etc.) have joined forces and created a myriad of sectorial fora, clusters, and working groups to discuss and tackle collectively the issues. This booklet is an attempt to list all the working groups and clusters available and open to NGOs/Civil Society in Afghanistan – mostly at national level.

This mapping is a working document, do not hesitate to contact us to update its information or add a new group. We hope it can be useful to NGOs’ coordination efforts.

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