Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Humanitarian Twinning Program

Last Update: 09:37 AM 16-08-2016


  • NNGOs mapped: More than 130
  • Twinning Trainings Conducted: 19
  • SWOT analysis conducted: 23
  • Policies reviewed: 78
  • Coming: M&E training, Proposal Writing Training, Joint field visits and assessment funds

The ACBAR Twinning Program

The ACBAR Twinning Program commenced in 2015 to address the lack of capacity of National NGO (NNGOs) providing humanitarian aid and lack of NNGO representation in the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF). Amidst a multiplication of humanitarian crisis worldwide, funds allocated to Afghanistan have decreased, while donors’ aversion to risk and their demands for accountability are increasing. Consequently, Humanitarian focused NNGOs are struggling to meet donor requirements for funding.

The Twinning Program aims to address this by pairing NNGOs with INGOs that provide mentoring and guidance to their Afghan counterpart on institutional management, humanitarian practices, and strategy. Based on NNGO priorities identified in a SWOT analysis, INGOs provide on the job mentoring, joint field visits, and technical advice. In turn, ACBAR regularly reviews policies and systems and provides trainings, which address needs identified in the SWOT analysis.

ACBAR identified, through a comprehensive mapping of humanitarian NGOs in Afghanistan, 23 humanitarian NNGOs who have qualified for the program, of which 2 have passed the due diligence process. Due to the rigorous nature of the AHF due diligence process and the funding requirements of AHF projects, the Twinning Program focuses on those NGOs which have a history of implementing large scale humanitarian projects.

Throughout the first year of the program the ACBAR team and INGO partners have reviewed 78 NNGO policies in order to make them applicable to each individual organization and conducted more than 20 trainings on subjects including Sphere, disability awareness, financial management, anti-corruption, and gender mainstreaming. For the second year, the twinning program is developing trainings that focus on comprehensive proposal writing and addressing M&E needs, as identified by the NNGO members, and distributing funds to members for joint field visits and assessments.

Those National NGOs in Afghanistan who have ongoing projects and experience in implementing large scale humanitarian projects are encouraged to enquire with ACBAR at or