Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

ACBAR Member List

Last Update: 09:47 AM 10-04-2017
 No  Acronyms  NGOs full name  Agency Type
1  AABRAR  Afghan Amputee Bicyclists For Rehabilitation And Recreation  NGO
2  AAR Japan  Association For Aid and Relief Japan  Int NGO
3  Afghanaid  Afghanaid  Int NGO
4  AADRO  Afghan Australian Development and Rehabilitation Organanization  NGO
5  ACF  Action Contrela Faim  Int NGO
6  ACKU  Afghanistan Center at Kabul University  Int NGO
7  ACREOD  Afghan Community Research & Empowerment Organization for Development   NGO
8  ACTED  Agence d'aide a la Cooperation Technique et au Development.  Int NGO
9  Action Aid  Action Aid Afghanistan  Int NGO
10  ADA  Afghanistan Development Association  NGO
11  ADRA  Adventist Development and Relief Agency International   Int NGO
12  ADVS  Afghan Disabled and Vulnerable Society  NGO
13  ADEO  Afghanistan Development &Education Organization  NGO
14  AFGA Afghan Family Guidance Assocaition NGO
15  AFRANE  Amitie Franco-Afghane  Int NGO
16  AHDAA  Agency For Humanitarian and Development Assistance For Afghanistan  NGO
17  AHDS  Afghan Health & Development Services  NGO
18  AHEAD  Assistance For Health Education and Development   NGO
19  AIL  Afghan Institute of Learning  NGO
20  AKF  Aga Khan Foundation-Afghanistan  Int NGO
21  AL  Afghanistan Libre  Int NGO
22  ALSO  Afghan Landmine Survivors' Organization  NGO
23  ANAFAE  Afghan National Association for Adult Education  NGO
24  ANCC  Afghanistan National Re-Construction Coordination  NGO
25  ANHDO  Afghanistan National Horticulture Development Organization  NGO
26  AOAD  Accessibility Organization For Afghan Disable  NGO
27  AREA  Agency for Rehabilitation & Energy-Conservation in Afghanistan  NGO
28  AREP  Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Educational Programs  NGO
29  ASAARO  Afghan Social And Agriculture Affairs Rehabilitation Organization  NGO
30  AWC  Afghan Women Council  NGO
31  AWEC  Afghan Woman's Education Center  NGO
32  AWRC  Afghan Women's Resource Center  NGO
33  BEST  Basic Education & Employabel Skill Training  NGO
34  BORDA  Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association  NGO
35  CA  Christian Aid  Int NGO
36  CAI  Comfort Aid International  Int NGO
37  CARE  Care International in Afghanistan  Int NGO
38  CCA  Cooperation Center for Afghanistan  NGO
39  COAM  Conservation Organization for Afghan Mountain areas  NGO
40  CoAR  Coordination of Afghan Relief  NGO
41  CFA  Child Fund Afghanistan  Int NGO
42  Caritas Germany  Caritas Germany  Int NGO
43  CHA  Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance  NGO
44  CiC  Children in Crisis  Int NGO
45  CordAid  Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid  Int NGO
46  CPI  Counterpart International  Int NGO
47  CRA   Cooperation For Reconstruction Of Afghanistan  NGO
48  CRAA  Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan  Int NGO
49  CRS  Catholic Relief Services  Int NGO
50  CWSA  Community World Service Asia  Int NGO
51  CWW  Concern World Wide  Int NGO
52  DACAAR  Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees  Int NGO
53  DAO  Development and Ability Organization  NGO
54  DCA  Dutch Committee for Afghanistan  Int NGO
55  DRC   Danish Refugee council  Int NGO
56  ECW  Educational Training Center for Poor Women & Girls of Afghanistan   NGO
57  FGA  Future Generation Afghanistan  Int NGO
58  FSD  Swiss Foundation for Mine Action  Int NGO
59  FRDO  Female Rehabilitation And Development Organization   NGO
60  GERES  Renewable, Energies, Environment and Solidarities Group  NGO
61  GWO  Green Way Organization  NGO
62  HAPA  Humanitarian Action For the People Of Afghanistan  NGO
63  HAS  Humanitarian Assistance Society   NGO
64  HAWO  Help For Afghan Women Organization  NGO
65  HI  Handicap Internaional   Int NGO
66  HIHAO  Hand In Hand Afghanistan Organization  NGO
67  HNI-TPO  Health Net International Transcultural Psychosocial Organization  Int NGO
68  HRRAC  Human Rights Reasearch and Advocacy Consortum  NGO
69  HRDA  Human Resource Development Agency  NGO
70  HTAC  Help The Afghan Children  NGO
71  HWW  Hope World Wide  Int NGO
72  IAM  international Assistance Mission  Int NGO
73  IHSAN  Independent Humanitarian Services Association  NGO
74  IMC  International  Medical Corps  Int NGO
75  Intersos  Intersos  Int NGO
76  IRC  International Rescue Committee  Int NGO
77  IRW  Islamic Relief Worldwide  Int NGO
78  Jhpiego  Johns Hopkins Program for International Education Gynaecology Orgnazation -  Int NGO
79  JUH  The Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe  Int NGO
80  JVC  Japan International  Volunteer Center  Int NGO
81  KOO  Kabul Orthopedic Organization  NGO
82  LC  La Chaine de Espoir  Int NGO
83  LEPCO  Leprosy/TB Control Programme  Int NGO
84  MA  Medica Afghanistan  NGO
85  MADERA  Mission d' Aid au Development des Economies Rurales Programme  Afghanistan   Int NGO
86  MCA  Mercy Corps Afghanistan  Int NGO
87  MDC  Mine Detection Center   NGO
88  ME  Mission East  Int NGO
90  MEHRO  Mhair Educational Human Right Organization   NGO
91  MRCA  Medical Refresher Courses for Afghans  Int NGO
92  NAC  Norwegian Afghanistan Committee   Int NGO
93  NCA  Norwegian Church Aid  Int NGO
94  NQA  Nai Qala Association  NGO
95  NRC  Norwegian Refugee Council  Int NGO
96  NCRO  New Consultancy And Relief Organization  NGO
97  OCCD  Organization for Community Coordination Development  NGO
98  OHD  Organization For Humanitarian and Development  NGO
99  OHRA  Organization for Harm Reduction in Afghanistan  NGO
100  OHSS  Organization for Health and social services  NGO
101  OHW  Organization of Human Welfare  NGO
102  OPM  Operation Mercy  Int NGO
103  OSDR  Organization for Sustainable Development & Resarch  NGO
104  OSID  Organization For Sustainable Intergrated Development   NGO
105  ORD  Organization For Relief Development  NGO
106  OSD  Organization of Social Development  NGO
107  ORCD  Organization For Research and Community Development  NGO
108  OXFAM   Oxfam Afghanistan  Int NGO
109  PACO  People Action For Change organization   NGO
110  PARSA  Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and Support For Afghanistan  Int NGO
111  PIN  People In Need   Int NGO
112  PRB  Partners in Revitalization and Building  NGO
113  PU-AMI  Première Urgence  -Aide Medicale Internationale  Int NGO
114  RAADA  Rehabilitation Association and Agriculture Development for Afghanistan  NGO
115  RET  Refugee Education Trust  Int NGO
116  RI  Relief International  Int NGO
117  RRAA  Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan  NGO
118  RORA  Relief Organization For Rehabilitation Of Afghanistan    NGO
119  SADA  Social Association For Development Of Afghanistan  NGO
120  SCA  Swedish Committee for Afghanistan  Int NGO
121  SCI  Save the Children International  Int NGO
122  SDO  Sanayee Development Organization  NGO
123  Serve  Afghanistan  Serving Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprises   Int NGO
124  SHAO  Social and Humanitarian Assistance Organization  NGO
125  SHRO  Shahamat Health and Rehabilitation Organization  NGO
126  SI  Solidarity International  Int NGO
127  SKO  Star Of Knowledge Organization  NGO
128  SO  Shuhada Organization  NGO
129  SSSPO  Social Safety and Social Protection Organization  NGO
130  STARS  Skills Training And  Rehabilitatio Society  NGO
131  SVA  Shanti Volunteer Association  Int NGO
132  TAF  The Asia Foundation  Int NGO
133  TCOW  The Children Of War  Int NGO
134  TEO  Tashabos Educational Organization  NGO
135  TdH  Terre Des Hommes  Int NGO
136  THT  The HALO Trust  Int NGO
137  THRA  Training Human Rights Association for Afghan Women   NGO
138  VWO  Voice Of Women Organization  NGO
139  WADAN  Welfare Association for Development of Afghanistan   NGO
140  WCC  War Child Canada  Int NGO
141  WC-UK  War Child UK  Int NGO
142  WCS  Wildlife Conservation Society  Int NGO
143  WF  Womanity Fundation  Int NGO
144  WHH-GAA  Deutsche Welthunger Hilfe/German Agro Action  Int NGO
145  WSTA  Watan's Social and Technical Services Association  NGO
146  WVI  World Vision International  Int NGO
147  YAAR  Youth Assembly For Afghanistan Rehabilitation  NGO
149  ZOA  Zoa  Refugee Care  Int NGO