Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

ACBAR Steering Commitee

Last Update: 09:48 AM 10-04-2017

ACBAR's Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis and has responsibility to monitor, guide and assist the activities of ACBAR’s secretariat. The Director of ACBAR is the head of the secretariat and is responsible for the day to day management of activities.  He/she is answerable to the Chairperson and Steering Committee and is appointed by them.

Members of the Steering Committee (April, 2017)

 NO  Name  Organization  Position  Status
 1  Ms. Palwasha Hassan  AWEC  Executive Director  Chairperson
 2  Ms. Wendy Barron  TAF  Deputy Director  Member
 3  Ms. Connie Maria Shealy  NCA  Assistant Country Director  Member
 4  Mr. Vijay Raghavan  JUH  Country Director  Member
 5  Mr. Zemarai Saqeb  SCA  Senior Management Advisor to Country Director  Member
 6  Mr. Stefan Recker  Caritas Germany  Country Director  Member
 7  Mr. Sabriullah Memlawal  JVC  Deputy Director  Member
 8  Mr. Terje Magnussønn Watterdal  NAC  Country Director  Member
 9  Mr. Dr. Mohammad Fareed Asmand  AHDS  Executive Director  Member
 10  Mr. Amanullah Jawad  NPO/RRAA  Deputy Director  Member
 11  Mr. Abdul Bashir Khaliqi  ANAFAE  Country Director  Member
 12  Mr. Mohammad Shohab Hakimi  MDC  Director  Member
 13  Mr. Raz Mohammad Dalili  SDO  Executive Director  Member
 14  Mr. Abdul Khaliq Zazai  AOAD  Executive Director  Member
 15  Mr. Fazel Rabi Haqbeen  TEO  Executive Director  Member