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Advocating of effective aid in Afghanistan

ACBAR has been active in advocating for Afghanistan in international aid forums such as the Tokyo Conference, the London Conference and the Brussels Conference.

As a watchdog for both the government and the international donors, ACBAR published a series of report focused on aid effectiveness, monitoring the use of funds in Afghanistan and giving key recommendations to the Government and donors on how and where to allocate funds.

In 2014, ahead of the London Conference, ACBAR launched a worldwide campaign #DonotforgetAfghanistan, in more than 50 countries to raise awareness on the chronicle crisis of the country as well as a series of Position Papers (2014) (Briefing note, position paper). In 2015, to Senior Official Meeting, ACBAR published a briefing paper addressed to donors, reminding them the commitments they had pledged in London (2015)

In 2016 for the Brussels conference, ACBAR was actively engaged in the coordination of the National Consultation process of civil Society and launched the Brussels Series, a series of Op-Ed and position papers of NGO members for the conference (Joint Civil Society Paper for Brussels)

Speaking out: defending Humanitarian Principles

ACBAR is a strong advocate of NGO rights and Humanitarian Principles. In the event of attacks against NGO facilities, ACBAR speaks out on behalf of all its members, to defend the humanitarian space in Afghanistan.

In that line, ACBAR published a series of reports and statements to denounce attacks against healthcare

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Enabling environment for NGOs

With a membership of more than 150 members, ACBAR has become a key player in improving the working environment for NGOs. ACBAR is regularly liaising with the Government of Afghanistan as well as international community and donors to facilitate the work of NGOs, involve NGOs in the consultation and decision making process of Afghanistan development strategy as well as defending NGO voice.

ACBAR created the first panorama of Civil Society in 2014.

Each year, ACBAR holds donor workshops, which are an opportunity for donors to explain their funding strategy and for member NGOs to engage with donors

Sectorial Advocacy

The diversity of ACBAR members allows ACBAR to speak out and defend key sectorial issues for Afghanistan. Based on members' needs and Afghan context development, ACBAR coordinates joint position papers/campaigns to raise awareness and influence decision makers.