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Request For The Asia Foundation

RFA: Announcement of Fast Responsive Fund, Grant Applications under WVL-TAF

The Asia Foundation (TAF) is seeking applications/proposals from local women’s rights organizations (WROs) or individuals  for the Afghan Women’s Empowerment Fund (AWEF). 

The purpose of this grant announcement is to inform you or your organization, network, alliance or group about the availability of fast responsive grants. WROs, women’s networks, groups, alliances and individuals are eligible for this fund throughout Afghanistan.

TAF will provide fast responsive grants to WROs, networks, alliances, groups and individuals for:

short projects (from one week to four months) and events (e.g., two or more days - sessions/workshops, campaigns, special  functions or gatherings related to women‘s empowerment/gender equality.)
piloting innovative solutions promoting women’s empowerment/gender equality at the community, district, provincial or national level with clear and specific results.  
immediate advocacy needs or action requiring timely and strategic responses to unforeseen events.The attached grant application package/form is for Women’ Rights Organizations (led by women), women’s/girls’ networks or groups, or alliances and individuals (women/girls) interested in a fast-responsive grant. The application form contains all necessary information and is available in English, Dari, and Pashto. Completed applications may be submitted in any of the above languages. Detailed instructions are included in the application form related to the submission process.


Closing Date: 31-12-2020