Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development


Anti-Corruption Capacity Building for Women’s CSOs


GRANTS Opportunities with USAID/AMANAT

Please visit AMANAT’s grants management online portal (GRUMP) to view current funding opportunities with the USAID/Afghanistan’s Measure for Accountability and Transparency (AMANAT) project.

AMANAT-2020-003-RFA: Through this RFA, AMANAT is seeking innovative proposals to develop the capacity of women-led CSOs to address anti-corruption issues through anti-corruption training for women activists throughout Afghanistan, closely coordinating with the women CSOs networks. The program will first develop programming in Kabul and then will expand through five regions all over Afghanistan. 

The full Program Description is provided in Section III of the RFA. International and Afghan organizations interested in receiving funding for programs are invited. Applicants must carefully read this RFA in its entirety and to follow the guidelines to apply for funds.

WHAT’S NEW: USAID/AMANAT is now posting all new notice of funding opportunities in online grants management system, called GRUMP, Applications are only accepted that are submitted through GRUMP portal, underlines text have the link embedded (italic) –  click the hyperlink text it will direct you to the relevant web portal.

Interested applicants may view open opportunities and apply through the online portal. To view open opportunities, please search the keyword “AMANAT” and select the opportunity you are interested in applying to.

Interested applicants must register their entity before applying. Proposal submission, confirmation of receipt of the application, and Q&A will be processed through the online grants management system.

Feel free to contact for any questions regarding the GRUMP portal or if you have difficulties accessing AMANAT’s notice of funding opportunities. 


Closing Date: 02-03-2020