Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Request For DAI/AVC - Crops

RFQ REQ-KBL-20-0002/ Injection Molding Machine, 2 Crate Molds and 1 Crate Cap Mold

DAI, the implementer of the “USAID-funded Afghanistan Value Chain (AVC) – High-Value Crops, invites qualified offerors to submit proposals to supply and deliver Injection Molding Machine and 2 Crate molds to a partner company who is producing plastic baskets. To improve the current production line, the company needs to produce different sizes of plastic baskets based on market demand that helps to export fresh fruits in different quality packaging. Thus, the company aims at increasing its production of plastic baskets in different sizes which will result in a reduction of post-harvest losses and the company will be able to increase its processing capacity and improve its quality through injection molding machines. This machinery will also help to produce the final product as per standards of the national and international market and will able the company to manufacture different sizes of plastic baskets for various commodities and markets.


Closing Date: 12-03-2020