Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Request For Medica Afghanistan


This final evaluation serves as important participatory learning process for all stakeholders involved in the project. The purpose of the final evaluation is to provide decision makers at medica mondiale and its partner organizations with sufficient information to make an informed decision about the performance of the project, document lessons learnt and provide practical recommendations for follow-up actions and the next project phase from 2022-2024, which will build on the current project. Thus, the evaluation has to give recommendations for this next project phase, to serve as a sound basis for further developing the next project phase. 
As general standard, this final project evaluation shall include an assessment of the project’s impact, effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, coherence, and sustainability. The success of the project shall be assessed regarding its stated objectives as well as the likelihood of achieving these objectives. The final evaluation should generate practical hands-on recommendations that can be implemented by the project actors within their sphere of control as follow-up actions for this project over the remaining project period and beyond. The evaluation will be used to gain more knowledge on effects and impacts to inform future management and programming of medica mondiale and its partner organizations. medica mondiale will share the evaluation results with its partner organizations and other recipients. 


Closing Date: 20-08-2020