Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Request For DAI/SHAHAR

RFQ-SHAHAR-KBL-0429 Procurement of Printer Toners for SHAHAR Kabul Office

 Only IT Solutions companies should quote for this RFQ
 The vendor must have at least 3 years of experience in
provision of IT supplies and equipment.
 The offeror should quote for the exact items requested
in price schedule.
 The offerors should provide copies of their previous
contracts, completion certificates, appreciation letters
and recommendations letters for the similar supplies.
 The offerors should submit copy of valid business
registration licenses.
 The offerors should quote for the original toners fake
or refurbished toners are not accepted.
 The selected offeror will be asked for sample toners to
check the quality.
 Fake or refurbished toners will be rejected at the time
of inspection and vendor must replace the rejected
items at their own cost.


Closing Date: 26-09-2020