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About Organization

The “Afghanistan Civil Society Forum” (ACSFo), started at the outset of 2002, and offers representatives of Afghan civil society a platform for exchange of information and opinion on topics relevant to civil society. ACSFo comprises a network of a wide range of actors and seeks to facilitate the coordination and cooperation of their activities. ACSFo aims at promoting civil society forces in Afghanistan and to involve them in the economic and political process of reconstruction.

Project Background.

The Action is aiming to create and design a safe online communication platform in the Afghan context for the HRDs for information sharing, emergency and rapid response purposes and documentation of HRD related issues including capacity building resources. The Afghanistan Civil Society Forum organization (ACSFo) as the co applicant of EU funded Action for human rights defenders, and secretariat of Afghanistan Human Rights Defenders Committee (AHRDC) is planning to launch a website to ensure accessibility to all materials related to the work of the HRDC in country. This platform will facilitate HRDs access to online application form, and most recent information on HRDs in country. In addition, high-level policy statements, technical guidelines on HRDs, and operational tools and procedures would also be portrayed on this platform.

To further enhance the site and ensure the best experience to users, the website is going to be user friendly with vivid instruction for the features available. The primary users of the site will be HRDC members, Secretariat members of HRDC, Member organizations, civil society, donors and the general public.

Carrying out this activity a term of reference for web designing company has been prepared where all the required criteria in addition to the clear description on objectives of action are stipulated. Objectives alongside the requirement for the vendor is explicated below.


Closing Date: 31-10-2020