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Translation Services


Oxfam, in collaboration with the international social business called PUR Project, is implementing a 5 years project focusing on cashmere value chains in Afghanistan. The aim is to use the cashmere sector to stimulate local economic and social development. Specifically the project will support community resilience and resource sustainability, improve the engagement of women in the cashmere sector, improve the quality of cashmere products and create better linkages between herders/small-scale producers and the market. Under the enabling environment objective of the project we were plan to develop a policy framework for enhancing of the Cashmere production and trade in Afghanistan. In order to perform this task we hire Samul Hall research consultancy and they have develop a comprehensive policy framework.

Scope of work

The translation consultancy/individual for this assignment needs to accurately translate the text from English to Dari and Pashto. The texts are comprehensive Policy framework on Cashmere production and trade in Afghanistan.

Responsibility and requirements:

  • The contracted Translation Company/individual is required to provide:
  • Ensure that the translation text is technically, linguistically and grammatically correct, error free and it should meet high quality standards, and would not need further editing after completion of translation.
  •  Be professional translation from English to Dari and Pashto languages.
  •  Price will be calculated 250 words per page, also descriptions under drawings or photos need to be considered in the offers.
  • Provide accurate and timely translation to the satisfaction of Oxfam standards.
  • Observe confidentially and refrain from divulging any information about the content of the text.
  • Return the original of the documents to Oxfam after completion of the services.
  • Translation shall be done within the stipulated deadlines in the work order.
  • Maximum percentage margin of errors per page should not be more than 3 errors.
  • The translated materials should be provided to Oxfam after completion of the required services in a hard copy and a soft copy.
  • The documents translated remains the copyright of Oxfam and should not be shared to any third party.


  • Fees will be paid upon actual services provided and after getting the certification of the concerned Project Manager and after submission of invoice for the payment. Payments will be through bank accounts..


  • The translation must be conducted within 20 Days, staring from November 01, 2020 and submission of the final translated Policy framework by November 20, 2020.

Required Qualification:

  • The translators shall be available at the time requested by the concerned section.
  • Oxfam is not responsible for accommodation and transportation of the interpreters.
  • Translators should be qualified ones and should have good working experience in the field of translation.
  • Translators shall be in venue as per time scheduled provided by
  • Professional translation from English to Dari and Pashto languages.
  • The company should have back up /Standby translators in case of illness or accidents

Application procedure:

  • Applications should include the following:
  • Proposal package, proposed methodology and budget.
  • At least three previous references.
  • Submit application to and cc  no later than October 28th, 2020.
  • Applications that do not contain the information outlined above will not be considered.


Closing Date: 28-10-2020