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Story Grants: Investigative reports on Afghanistan’s public procurement including on COVID-19

Story Grants: Investigative reports on Afghanistan’s public procurement including on COVID-19 emerge

Integrity Watch, an Afghan civil society organization, and Open Contracting Partnership, a global civil society organization, are inviting journalists to apply for story grants for data-driven investigations of public procurement in Afghanistan, especially in the context of the response to the pandemic

The Afghan government has spent millions of dollars to fight COVID-19, and is planning to spend a total of USD 1 billion to address health, economic and social impacts of COVID-19. Afghanistan is considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world, making the use of these funds highly vulnerable to corruption and misuse.

Open Contracting Partnership and Integrity Watch have designed a program to work with Afghan journalists to conduct investigative reports on the procurement of goods, services and infrastructure by the Afghan government, including on COVID-19 pandemic response. The program started with a training for journalists and  a call for applicants to small grants to support data-driven investigations.

Investigative grants are open to all members of the Afghan media.

Eligibility criteria for conducting investigative report:

Media outlets with experience in investigative reporting can apply as an organization. Media outlets will be awarded grants of USD 2,000 per investigative report.
Individual freelance journalists with experience in writing in-depth investigative reports can also apply and will be considered separately. Freelance journalists will be awarded grants of USD 500 per investigative report.


There are 3 small grants for media outlets under this category and 8 grants for freelance journalists.


We are also looking for one media outlet that will support the development of investigations by freelance journalists and ready for publication. Criteria for this media outlet are:  :

An established media outlet with vast experience of investigative reporting
Experience in working with freelance journalists .
Proven disposition to edit and guide freelance journalists and oversee the technical part of the project.
Publish investigative reports as relevant

 We are looking for one organization that will receive a grant of USD 6,000.


How to apply:

Media outlets that apply for a small grant for investigative reports should submit a story pitch, an organization profile, certificate of registration, and at least two previous investigative reports.

Freelance journalists should submit a story pitch of , a CV, and two news or investigative reports.

Media outlets that want to apply as a support organization should submit an organization profile, certificate of registration, proof of experience of editing and broadcasting investigative reports for a large audience, as well as a commitment of staff time to support the project.


Closing Date: 26-01-2021