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website development service


Below is a list of required items within the website and the key features that need to be responded to while submitting technical proposal to the Client’s Office.


Language bar: The website needs to be developed in three languages, Dari, Pashto & English.
Menu bar (Maga Menu)
A dynamic banner (Feature Post)
An online form for the Client’s users
A sign-up option button with a form, for getting automatic emails for job announcements, events, new publications and others
A gallery tab, that would include up-to-date events, seminars, workshops images
Contact form and info of the Client’s office at the footer part of the website
FAQ tab, where we can inform people about us and how they can help and vice versa
Search bar - on every main and subpages include the relevant metadata and background links, to improve Search Engine Optimization
A database in terms of giving more details of the heads of download, views and visitors
A database for all publications uploaded, all news posts, events, medias and etc… from the beginning of the office until now.
Security: The website must be security oriented and meet or exceed industry security best practices of today.
Responsive Design (Mobile/ IPad Friendly): The website must to be mobile friendly and easily accessible from all mobile devices, including tablets, without compromising any design or functional elements.
Fast Load Times: The website must load within 5 seconds because it is important for good usability and it will mostly be used in areas with lower internet speed.
Browser Consistency: The website must appear and act consistently across all major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.
Social Network Integration: including, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc…
Error Handling: The website must display a description as an on-screen message, such as an in case of error message.
Tracking: The website must be integrated with Google’s analytical tool.
Possibility to download datasets
It must be easy to update the content (image, video, text), WordPress or anything even better proposed by the Service Provider. 



Closing Date: 28-01-2021