Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Request For World Vision International

RFQ for Seeds and Fertilizer

World Vision Afghanistan is inviting your Company/Store to quote for the goods/items with following specifications as mentioned in this Request for Quotation (RFQ). Please, if you are interested in this bidding, submit your offer with official stamp to WVA-Herat Office not later than the mentioned date and time. Please read all the information mentioned in this letter prior to quote for the requested items.

Requested Seeds and fertilizer must be as per WVA provided specification, selected supplier will requested to provide WVA-

Sample prior order to be quality checked and the delivery is supplier responsibility up to WVA stock/WH.  

Conditions of quotation:

Company should seal this RFQ and submit to the WVA Herat National Office above-mentioned address or email address ( 

Please submit the Quotations/offers not later than 17 April.21 - Time : 4:30PM.

Payment will be made based on the contract agreement and made by bank transfer to the company provided bank detail

WVA reserves the right to accept or reject the whole or part of your quotation based on the information provided. Incomplete quotations that do not comply with our conditions will not be considered.

All suppliers doing business with WVI-A should maintain high standards on ethical issues, respect and apply basic human and social rights, ensure non-exploitation of child labour, and give fair working conditions to their staff.

WVI-A reserves the right to reject quotations provided by suppliers not meeting these standards.



Closing Date: 17-04-2021