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Call for Expression of Interest - Pilot Organizations of M&E Toolkit for GBV Programming From Input

War Child’s mission is to help children in war-affected communities reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity and justice. War Child takes an active role in raising public awareness around the impact of war on communities and the shared responsibility to act. War Child Canada has over 15 years of experience working in communities in conflict and post-conflict zones. All work is implemented in direct partnership with local communities, local NGOs and other stakeholders using a child-centered approach. War Child Canada currently works in Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Iraq. War Child Canada is a registered Canadian charity based in Toronto.

The Women's Refugee Commission (WRC) improves the lives and protects the rights of women, children and youth displaced by conflict and crisis. WRC researches their needs, identifies solutions and advocates for programs and policies to strengthen their resilience and drive change in humanitarian practice. For 30 years, WRC has been a leading expert on the needs of displaced women and children, and the policies that can protect and empower them.

War Child Canada and Women’s Refugee Commission are implementing the project “From Input to Impact: Monitoring and Evaluating GBV Programming in Restrictive Environments” to develop an M&E toolkit for GBV programming. As part of the project, the toolkit* will be piloted by 15 CSOs in low-resource and restricted environments in Afghanistan and South Sudan (6-8 CSOs in each country). The aim of the pilot is to gauge the applicability and usefulness of the information and guidance in the toolkit for CSOs implementing GBV response and prevention programming. Pilot organizations will be asked to share their experiences implementing the toolkit guidance in order to strengthen the final version of the toolkit. Pilot organizations will also be asked to participate in training workshops for other CSOs and stakeholders in-country, as part of dissemination of the final toolkit.


Closing Date: 16-06-2019