Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Request For USAID/AMANAT Project

Request for Applications under USAID/AMANAT Annual Program Statement (APS)

The purpose of this Annual Program Statement (APS) is to generate grant awards which focus on innovative and targeted activities against corruption, especially corruption that affects public services. The AMANAT project seeks proposals from a wide range of international and Afghan national, regional, and local civil society organizations (CSOs), media organizations, and business associations to implement specific activities that fit within this scope. Proposed projects must target particular corruption problems in creative ways are likely to produce positive results. Just conducting public awareness campaigns, or advocacy or oversight efforts are not likely to produce the effective and lasting impacts that AMANAT is seeking. A sample of potential ideas for projects are on page 2, but it encourages organizations to propose other activities based on their experience. 

WHAT’S NEW: (1) The objectives of the proposed grant projects under this Annual Program The statement must highlight innovative targeted approaches to reduce corruption in the delivery of public services in Afghanistan. (2) Also, international CSOs are now eligible to apply for grants. The total amount per grant award has been increased, but only for qualified organizations.

Grants Workshop on proposal design is due October 16, 2019. 


Closing Date: 31-01-2020