Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Request For Afghan Civil Society Forum Orgnization (ACSFo)

Development of Vocational Training Manual

Introduction of AC Project

Oxfam in Afghanistan is inviting (individual’s consultant or consultancy) to submit their application for developing vocational training manual under the Amplify Change project. 

The selected consultant shall carry out the work in accordance with the Terms of Reference outlined in this document.


Amplify Change: Supporting Women’s Rights in Afghanistan (AC) is a five-year project (2017- 2022) funded by Global Affairs Canada The overall project framework revolves around two pillars (that mirror the two intermediate outcomes of the project) that work together to contribute to the changes the project seeks to make.

Pillar one, will engage influencers within the project communities to support women’s rights to be free of violence, while empowering women and girls to recognize, exercise, and defend those rights.
Pillar two, will build the knowledge and capacity of Afghan CSOs and CSO networks to coordinate and promote the rights and empowerment of women and girls.

Based on these two pillars, the theory of change holds that changes will occur across multiple levels (individual, community, institutional and societal) and with key stakeholders and their respective organizations these stakeholders will demonstrate new attitudes and practices that shift social acceptance of VAWG, enable those who have experienced violence to access quality services safely, and ensure that VAWG is actively and effectively sanctioned at all levels of accountability. At the same time, women’s rights organizations and other CSOs will create networks that are resilient, that include and promote diverse perspectives and voices and that, together, hold the government accountable. Alliances among a full range of stakeholders will foster collective power for change.


Closing Date: 18-07-2019