Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

Request For UNHCR

Supporting shelter programming through assessments and local architecture research

The UNHCR Operation in Afghanistan supports the ESNFI Cluster as the lead agency and one of the active partners to respond to the shelter, NFIs and winterization needs of IDPs, returnees and host communities affected by the natural disasters and conflict. UNHCR seeks to find durable solutions for these groups, to provide reliable information to all humanitarian partners, and to advocate for ways to address the durable shelter needs.

Afghanistan continues to deal with a significant number of internally displaced persons across the country, and the causes of displacement are multiple: armed conflict, violence, economic and social challenges, and natural disasters. The profile of the displaced population is diversified, with displacement occurring at different times and many IDPs living in protracted displacement while fresh IDPs continue to be reported mainly due to the volatile security situation. IDPs are displaced in both rural and urban areas, and they find themselves in spontaneous settlements or being hosted by other Afghan families. IDP families often move to urban centres where they remain marginalized, impoverished, and without means of support.

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Closing Date: 20-10-2019