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ACBAR Digest, September - October 2019

Published: 03:23 PM 31-10-2019 Updated: 08:30 PM 31-10-2019

ACBAR Digest  

News from Afghanistan’s NGO community

September, October 2019


Implementing SDGs in Afghanistan

Kateb University held a conference on 29 August in Kabul to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Afghanistan. Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the keynote speaker, noted that health care is one of the premier objectives of the SDGs. According to the United Nations (UN), global life expectancy at birth is 71 years but in Afghanistan it is only 62 years. Poor nutrition, lack of healthcare and violence are the main reasons. Afghanistan has to improve these indicators. ACBAR participated on one of the discussion panels and highlighted the role of civil society in contributing to implementation of the SDGs. Click here for the report

UN Declaration on Sustainable Development Goals

The UN General Assembly adopted the political declaration “Gearing up for a decade of action and delivery for sustainable development: political declaration of the Sustainable Development Goals Summit” of the high-level political forum of 15 October 2019 on sustainable development. Read further

AWEC's Policy Briefings on Afghanistan SDGs

AWEC's policy brief initiates discussion around ways to improve the efficiency of poverty reduction efforts and to smooth the trajectory towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click for EnglishDari and Pashtu

AWEC's other briefing "Working together: Afghanistan SDGs" is on promoting localization of the sustainable 2030 agenda, reflecting the current standing of the A-SDGs and exploring the role of various stakeholders. Click here

ICRC Study on Displacement

ICRC's study "Displacement in times of armed conflict" shows that when it comes to displacement during armed conflicts, International Humanitarian Law (IHL) needs to be an integral part of reflection on how to reduce and solve displacement in armed conflict. Further reading

Global Report IDMC & NRC on Internal Displacement

IDMC and NRC's reports on a changing humanitarian landscape where internal displacement poses risks to both current and future crises. Read more

IRC Study on Gender and Humanitarian Space

Where is the money? In this review IRC examines how the humanitarian system is failing in its commitments to end violence against women and girls. Click here

NRC briefing on Waziristan's Refugees

NRC's briefing note is on the situation of Waziristan's refugees unable to return to Pakistan and stuck in a legal limbo in Afghanistan. The 72,000 refugees from Waziristan are living in Khost and Paktika provinces are being left behind as international organizations withdraw. See here

Cordaid - Delivering Health in Conflict 

Cordaid explored how Afghanistan is building its health care system, what are the challenges to advance access and increase funding. Read more

ODI & ISS Study on Disaster Risk Reduction

This study explores how Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives and projects are being linked with conflict prevention, ‘do no harm’ principles and peace building efforts to show that it is possible to mitigate against natural hazards. Further reading 

World Days 

20 November      Universal Children’s Day 

25 November      International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women