Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development

ACBAR DIGEST January - February 2019

Published: 11:46 AM 28-02-2019 Updated: 03:00 PM 28-02-2019


Publications from Afghanistan’s NGO community

January - February 2019


Looking back on ACBAR's Anniversary year

Effective NGOs & Stronger Communities is the mission of ACBAR. The NGO members of ACBAR have continued to provide assistance and support in many different sectors to people in need over the last three decades. Hereby a compilation of the articles regarding the anniversary year.

New Sphere Handbook

ACBAR is the Sphere’s country focal point and along with its members, contributed to the revision of this handbook for more comprehensiveness and inclusiveness. Read more 

ACBAR's Triple Nexus position paper

Afghanistan needs a new collective approach with
more inclusive coordination to achieve sustainable development. See further

NRC's Returning to what? Position paper

Challenges displaced Afghans face in securing durable solutions are disclosed in this research note. Click here

ACF's Breaking the cycle position paper 

Hunger as a collective challenger which needs a collective needs-based approach. Read further

GCPEA's Education briefing paper

Attacks on education  in Afghanistan explained with recommendations. See further

OXFAM's Livelihoods research paper

A review of programme strategy in Northern and Eastern Afghanistan integrating markets, gender and conflict sensitivity.Read more

ATHA's Fragile future research paper 

This context analysis examines the humanitarian, political, societal, and economic dimensions that give insight in the human cost of conflict. See further

Updated HRP for Afghanistan
To prioritize the delivery of aid to people in need, this multi-year Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) has been updated. Read more