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ACBAR Express, February - March 2019

Published: 11:40 AM 31-03-2019 Updated: 02:59 PM 31-03-2019

ACBAR Express

News from Afghanistan’s NGO community

February - March 2019

ACBAR Twinning Program's Graduation Tea Party 10 March 2019

ACBAR Twinning Program has been working for four years to strengthen the capacity building aspect of national NGOs in order to enable them for applying OCHA-HFU projects and get funding. After years of untiring efforts with international NGO twinning partners. Here are the results: 18 of 25 national NGOs graduated by passing the OCHA Due-Diligence and Capacity Assessment and being added to the AHF Partner Base. Additionally, 4 national NGOs have applied for Capacity Assessment and 4 national NGOs just passed the Due-Diligence. Three national NGOs are waiting for their Due-Diligence results. ACBAR is constantly working towards localization of humanitarian services in Afghanistan.

Physical Rehabilitation Conference 12 March 2019 

With 3 NGO members - Handicap International (HI), Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) and Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) - ACBAR hosted the conference on Physical Rehabilitation services and advocacy for persons with disabilities. Recommendations are that more healthcare personnel is needed in the field of rehabilitation, making jobs where needed. More access and better services for rehabilitation because the protracted conflict leads annually to thousands of people injured. Also those rights should be ensured of persons with disabilities to be able to participate in the society. Click here for the recommendations.

NRC's Stuck in the Mud briefing 

This paper is on the complexities of ambiguous land ownership, power dynamics and private interests within Kabul’s Informal Settlements (KIS) and how these can be address to allow the thousands of families living in KIS to obtain durable solutions. Read further

MEC Report Education Sector

MEC released its third quarterly monitoring report in February 2019 on “Ministry-wide Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment of the Ministry of Education. See here

Afghanistan Country Report

For coherence among various global development agendas at a national level, the Vienna Program of Action for land-locked developing countries (VPoA) has been incorporated into the work of the Executive Committee on SDGs by the Government of Afghanistan. Read More

ActionAid's research Lessons Learnt And Best Practices on Gender Based Violence
 Action Aid reports on Best Practices and Lessons from their project on “Reinforcement of Community Response to Violence against Women in Herat and Bamyan Provinces of Afghanistan. For further reading 

Civil Society Report Geneva Conference on Afghanistan

  A national delegation of ten civil society representatives contributed to the international conference on Afghanistan on  27 and 28 November 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. The report summarizes the joint civil society activities that were led by the Civil Society Working Committee (CSWC) which ACBAR is member of. Click here

ACBAR's Advocacy Training Toolkit

This advocacy toolkit is targeting NGO program staff who wish to undertake advocacy activities, the toolkit is self-explanatory and aims to help a greater number of NGOs to practice advocacy. Read more

ACBAR's Community Booklet

This community booklet introduces the international humanitarian principles of impartiality, neutrality, humanity, and independence which can be utilized towards local communities to foster a better understanding of NGO work. Click here

ACBAR's NGO Law Booklet

The objective of this booklet is to promote the NGO Law awareness to the provincial and district authorities who usually have a low understanding or knowledge of this legal document. Read more

World days 

4 April International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

7 April - World Health Day  

3 May - World Press Freedom Day