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ACBAR Express, July 2019

Published: 02:51 PM 31-07-2019 Updated: 03:07 PM 31-07-2019

ACBAR Express 

News from Afghanistan’s NGO community

July 2019

Call for Protection

The continued use of violence by all armed actors in Afghanistan against civilians, especially against health care and education facilities and personnel, is a serious violation of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights law. This should stop. On 18th July 2019 SCA and ACBAR held a press conference to advocate on this issue with the Government of Afghanistan and the international donor community. Read more

Call for Enabling Environment

ACBAR has written an open letter on the occasion of the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB) on 22nd July 2019 with recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan to ensure protection of civilians and aid workers and to reduce bureaucratic constraints for NGOs. Read more

Break the Vicious Cycle of Conflict and Hunger

ACBAR was on the panel of the ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment (HAS) side-event in Geneva (Switzerland) on “Conflict and Hunger: implementing UNSC Resolution 2417 for humanitarian impact” and gave recommendations to improve the daily lives of all Afghan people. Read more

Global Childhood Report 2019           

Save the Children's findings from the Global Childhood study should increase awareness about child rights, inform stakeholders programming, policies and decisions on how to best protect children to enable them enjoy their childhood. Read further

On the Margins: Afghans in Pakistan

ADSP's study examines the challenges faced by the 2.8 million Afghans living in Pakistan. It analyses their access to services which is determined not only by their place of residence but also by their legal status in the country. The study is an effort to ascertain the specific challenges faced by each group and help guide efforts to promote legislative changes, inform policy development and support search for durable solutions. See here

A Survey of the Afghan Returnees 2018

The Asia Foundation (TAF) perceptions survey explores the challenges faced by Afghan returnees including limited employment opportunities and infrastructure, insecurity, lack of housing, discrimination and stigma, as well as language and cultural barriers. Views of 8,000 returnees were collected in Balkh, Herat, Kabul, Nangarhar and Kandahar provinces thorough interviews. Click here

Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals Alignment 

UNDP presented an alignment report on how the Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals (ASDGs) are aligned with Afghanistan's National Priority Programs (NPPs) and Afghanistan National Peace Development Framework (ANDF). Click here


World Days 

12 August            International Youth Day 

19 August            World Humanitarian Day 

 8 September       International Literacy Day

15 September      International Day of Democracy 

21 September      International Day of Peace