Education and literacy are the best way to sustainable development

Published Date: 03:17 PM 06-09-2018    Updated Date: 09:18 AM 01-11-2018

I was a small girl when I married with a man who was about 15 years older than me and I even did not know what marriage was. My husband’s family always mentioned to me, “you are illiterate and you are an ignorant person”. That hurt me so much and I had a lot of trouble in life because my husband was unemployed. From the first day of our marriage we encountered many problems which seemed to me directly related to my illiteracy. As I looked at life, I realized that my children should not be faced with the same problems and they should not experience my destiny. That's why I started to go to literacy classes.

Now I have four children, three daughters and one son.  My son is studying at the University of Fine Arts, one of my daughters is an instructor in school and two others are school students. I appreciate and thank GNI and their Educational and Cultural Center for women that provided such an environment to raise the level of women's literacy, especially those who are deprived of literacy, and try to provide them with a better educational background so that women can gain knowledge in a calm environment. ‌‌Before coming to the Educational and Cultural Center for women I had many problems, but now I can solve my problems and I can help my children to choose their own destiny as well.

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