External Publications

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1 Multi-Sector Need Assessment Report 2022-11-08

This Multi-Sector Need Assessment was undertaken by the Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN). The assessment tool was designed and developed by WADAN and the process began on 05/17/2022. A team of 100 data collectors carried out the preparations and fieldwork in five provinces and districts as planned. The data collection process concluded on 07/22/2022 and the final report was drafted based on the data collected from the field.

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2 Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) 2022-10-16

Afghanistan NGOCSO Capacity Support Project


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3 Afghanistan Collective Feedback Digest 2022-10-09

A compilation of community voices

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This Environment and Social Management Plan (ESMP) was finalized for the Project. The purpose of the ESMP is to consider and develop adequate measures and controls to minimize and mitigate the potential environmental and social risks and impacts identified during the project implementation.

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5 DCA's annual report 2022-08-30

 Dutch Committee for Afghanistan annual report 2021

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6 DCA Annual Report -2020 2021-03-03

Dutch Committee for Afghanistan Annual Report (2020)

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