NGO Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Published Date: 10:49 AM 21-04-2020    Updated Date: 11:05 AM 21-04-2020

Second – provide correct information to neighbours, beneficiaries and communities on what can be done to reduce risks. There is a lot of information available – on websites, on social media – but care should be taken to provide official information and not misinformation or myths. 

Third – step up and support the emergency response for COVID-19 being planned by Government and Donors and also carry on our regular program activities as far as possible for our beneficiaries. We need to adapt to a new way of working and continue to coordinate closely with donors, Government Ministries, UN clusters and provincial mechanisms to see what role we can play.

ACBAR has changed the way it works through providing online meetings since the beginning of March. Key staff works in the office on a rotation basis and we use internet and telephone to keep in touch with our members, Government, UN and other stakeholders. Training has not been possible face-to-face, but we are preparing learning materials and teaching seminars online instead for our capacity building programs.

So let us know how you have changed the way you work and we will publish on our new COVID-19 page on ACBAR website!

Take care and remember each of us can make an important contribution in the fight against COVID-19.