ACBAR Express Special COVID-19 March - April 2020

Published Date: 08:18 AM 03-05-2020    Updated Date: 08:18 AM 03-05-2020

Joint Statement Prevention COVID-19

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has become the world's biggest threat. This new virus has no cure yet and prevention is the only thing that can be done. Infections of such kind of disease in a country like Afghanistan that does not have proper health care system can be very dangerous and critical. The five umbrella organizations of civil society and NGOs formulated together a joint statement on this national threat. Read more

SCI's Worldwide Call for Afghanistan

Save the Children published a call that Afghanistan needs now more than ever the world's help to fight COVID-19. Further reading

ICVA - Reinforce Localization During COVID-19 

ICVA has developed a position paper to support dialogue on strengthening principled and effective humanitarian action by NGOs during the COVID-19 response, with a focus on reinforcing local and national action wherever possible. More reading 

Community Perception Survey COVID-19 

Johanniter conducted a rapid assessment (with movement restriction and maintaining physical distance) with community representatives, focusing on their perception of the consequences of COVID-19 in their lives. Here more 

A New Scourge to Afghan Women: COVID-19

OXFAM published a briefing note on the impact of COVID-19 on women in Afghanistan. It is based on a set of structured qualitative interviews  among female beneficiaries, women’s rights activists, civil society actors and government representatives. Read