International Children’s Peace Prize nominee inspires displaced Afghan children

Published Date: 08:34 AM 19-06-2020    Updated Date: 08:53 AM 19-06-2020

This experience inspired Aziza to want to work with other children living in the camp, herself becoming an inspiration and advocate for other children like her.

Knowing first-hand what it means to struggle to access the most basic of needs such as education and clean drinking water, Aziza has tirelessly supported groups of children with their studies while also helping out in developing fun entertainment skills and promoting access to safe water. Her hard work and determination meant she was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2015, alongside two other children from Africa and South America. 

Aziza is one among the 45.7 million people around the world who have had to flee their homes and become displaced in their own countries – internally displaced persons (IDPs) - either as a result of conflict, insecurity or natural disasters. According to the UN’s Refugee Agency, UNHCR, figures released ahead of World Refugee Day 2020, indicate that 1 per cent of humanity have experienced displacement – 1 in every 97 people.  The total number of those displaced within their own countries (IDPs) and those who have fled outside their borders (refugees) up to end 2019 totals 75.9 million. According to UNHCR’s Global Trends report, this figure is unprecedented.

Organisations such as Welthungerhilfe (WHH) assist displaced populations in Afghanistan through humanitarian and development support.  WHH works on the principle of help to self-help, from fast disaster relief to reconstruction and long-term development projects working with international and local partner organizations.  For more information visit