ACBAR Calls on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to Facilitate a Principled Humanitarian Response

Published Date: 08:30 PM 09-09-2021    Updated Date: 08:30 PM 09-09-2021

More than 18 million people in Afghanistan, nearly half of the country’s population, require humanitarian aid. Conflict and violence have exponentially worsened the complex emergency facing the Afghan people, who are battling the compound effects of climate change, drought, and protracted conflict – leading to forced displacement en masse, rising hunger and malnutrition, ramifications from Covid-19, and a looming disintegration of public health services. These humanitarian needs are expected to further increase in the months and years to come. To meet the growing and complex humanitarian needs of the Afghan people, ACBAR and its nearly 170 members welcome the opportunity to engage with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to facilitate an operating environment for non-governmental organizations (NGO) to rapidly and efficiently deliver needed humanitarian assistance. Since 1988, the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR) has played a pivotal role in more efficiently coordinating information, assistance and advocacy regarding the delivery of principled humanitarian services in Afghanistan.