Financial Management and Advanced Report Writing training

Published Date: 09:46 AM 24-04-2024    Updated Date: 09:46 AM 24-04-2024

ACBAR hosted two professional development courses, namely Financial Management and Advanced Report Writing, which took place between February 24 to 29, March 24 to 28, and March 31 to April 4, 2024. The trainings covered topics such as Financial Management, Budgeting, Procurement, and Audit. Further, they delved into various facets of effective report writing, including an overview of reporting, Key Principles of Effective Report Writing and Types of Reports.
A total of 37 key staff members from our NNGO partners in relevant fields underwent these trainings, gaining valuable knowledge and skills. ACBAR remains dedicated to supporting the capacity-building endeavors of our NGO partners to strengthen their capabilities.