SCA Activities

Published Date: 09:31 AM 24-02-2016    Updated Date: 02:50 PM 30-06-2019

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is working in Afghanistan since the 1980s. SCA’s vision is an independent Afghanistan in peace, where human rights are respected, rural communities are empowered and all Afghans have the right and opportunity to democratic participation in the governance of their country.

The work encompasses programmes for education, health, support to persons with disabilities and rural development. There are also support units for all programme activities relating to quality assurance, civil society, human rights & gender and communications. SCA has more than 5 000 employees, of whom 99 % are Afghans. SCA’s main target group is the rural population, specifically women and girls. Operations include capacity development, advocacy and service delivery. The work is always conducted in close cooperation with the local population. The management office is situated in Kabul, while operations are carried out in 14 provinces from five regional offices.

Some results (based on Annual Report 2014):

74 743 children were enrolled in SCA supported schools.

SCA supported 433 Community Based Schools, in total 1 938 classes.

5 529 Kuchi children, among them 3 184 girls, attended SCA supported schools.

104 teachers received training in Braille and sign language.

1 824 175 patients were provided with healthcare under SCA management.

21 midwives and 23 community nurses graduated from SCA supported programmes.

SCA developed 4 orthopaedic workshops and 26 physiotherapy clinics.

539 persons with disabilities completed training, among them 273 women, received training through apprenticeships group session and education at different centres.

SCA started a pilot project in ten villages in Balkh Province to improve the abilities of the residents, and their local organizations, to support themselves.

81 people at local authorities were trained by SCA in outreach, development coordination and good governance.