Jobs By CAF

General Medical Specialist

Expiring on 2023-09-27

  Duties & Responsibilities: To perform as a full-time consultant physician. To do OPD from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. To provide continuous care to admitted patients. To maintain patients’ health records. Any other responsibility assigned by the hospital director.  

Provincial Hospital Director (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2023-09-26

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES The Provincial /Regional Hospital Director will be in charge of overall hospital performance. He/she will make sure MOPH-EPHS rules and regulations are properly implemented in the hospital. He/she will work under the direct supervision of t...

Anesthetist تکنیشن انستیزی

Expiring on 2023-09-24

وظایف عمده: آماده نمودن مریضان جراحی برای دادن انستیزی و مطمئن شدن در مورد مکمل بودن تمام معاینات مورد ضرورت لابراتواری برای عملیات مریض. تنظيم امور انستيزي قبل، در جريان وبعد از عمليات هاي جراحي مريضان.