Jobs By Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Pharmacy Technician

Expiring on 2022-05-26

   هدف و منظور: بررسی از چکونگی مصرف ادویه در شفاخانه - تنظیم تهیه ،‌ نگهداشت و توزیع ادویه و سامان الات طبی شفاخانه - مسؤوليت ها:

LHL Health Officer

Expiring on 2022-05-23

        Scope of work: LHL (learning for healthy life) is a member of the Provincial Project Management Team reporting to Head of Parwan Management Office (PMO) . He is expected to have sufficient technical and managerial skills and He/she is responsible for planning, organizing, monitoring faci...

CME Trainer

Expiring on 2022-05-23

         Scope of work: Midwifery instructors, play a vital role in the field of midwifery. They teach students essential skills and knowledge which is required for midwifery care practices. Midwifery instructors are responsible for planning, designing and implementing Community Midwifery Education (CME) curricula fo...


Expiring on 2022-05-22

         Scope of work: The Cook will prepare and cook meals for the related CME staff and Trainees in a tidy, clean, and organized manner. She/he will ensure hygienic practices in the kitchen and assist in purchase of food for meal preparations. The Cook reports to the Amine of Community Health Midwifery school....