Good Practices

SI Title Date Description Organization Format Download
13 کتاب رهنما در باره مصئونیت کارگران اجتماعی و اطفال در حالات اضطراری 2008-09-23

کتاب رهنما

UNICEF Download
14 10 Things to know about how to influence policy with research 2017-01-09

Info graphics

ODI Download
15 Mango’s Financial Management Handbook 2015-01-01

A comprehensive Handbook for NGO financial Management

Mango Download
16 Mango’s Health Check 2009-05-01

Simple test to assess How healthy is financial management in your not-for-profit organisation?/

Mango Download
17 The Value for money leaving no one behind 2016-05-01

Reach people with disability and maintain the highest standards of value for money

Bond Download
18 Integrating value for Money in the Program lifecycle 2012-01-01

Diagram on how value for money can be integrated in programming

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