Position Title: Kit Distributer

Activation Date: 04 August, 2022   Announced Date: 04 August, 2022   Expire Date: 20 August, 2022

Job Location: Kunar
Nationality: National
Category: Support
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per the Organization salary scale
Vacancy Number: PU-AMI/HR/KNR/001836
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Kunar and Nuristan(1 Position) Province-
Organization: PU-AMI
Years of Experience: At least three years NGO experience in kit or NFI distribution
Contract Duration: 4 Months Extendable
Gender: Male
Education: Having at least bachelor degree
Close date: 2022-08-20

About PU-AMI:

About Première Urgence - Aide Médicale Internationale (PU-AMI)  

PU-AMI (known globally as Première Urgence Internationale, PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization. PU-AMI’s teams are committed to support vulnerable communities and populations, those marginalized, hit by conflict, natural disaster or economic downturns. PU-AMI’s main objective is to contribute to reduction in morbidity and mortality, and provide emergency relief to those in immediate need in order to help them regain their dignity. 

Afghan mission is the oldest of PUI missions, with the first medical intervention launched in 1979 just after the Soviet troops crossed the country’s borders. PU-AMI teams currently deliver the integrated health care, combined with nutrition, psychosocial support; water, sanitation and hygiene (wash), as well as trauma services. The organization implements projects mainly in eastern parts of the country, and increasingly in the South-East Region. Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, PU-AMI has also positioned itself as one of the main actors in preparedness and response to the pandemic, implementing health and wash-cantered activities at health facilities and community level in Kabul and beyond. 

Globally, PUI provides assistance to around 6 million people in 23 countries and across 5 continents: Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. 



PU-AMI (که در سطح جهان به نام PUI پی یو آی شناخته میشود) یک اداره غیردولتی، غیرانتفاعی، غیرسیاسی و غیر مذهبی مدد رسان بین ا لمللی میباشد. 

تیم های  PU-AMI متعهد به حمایت  و کمک جوامع و جمعیت های آسیب پذیر به انهاییکه در اإثر منازعات- حوادث طبیعی و رکود اقتصادی منزوی شده اند میباشد.  هدف عمده PU-AMI کمک در کاهش مرگ و میر -کمک عاجل به اعاده و بازیابی حیثیت ووقار  انهاییکه در نیاز فوری قرار دارند  میباشد.     

 ماموریت افغانستان  قدیمی  ترین مآموریت   (PUI) پی یو آی بوده و  با اولین مداخله در بخش صحی در سال1979  فقط درست بعد از عبور نیروهای شوروی از مرز های کشور آغاز شد. 

تیم های PU-AMI در حال حاضر مراقبت های صحی ادغام یافته همراه با تغذیه حمایت روانی اجتماعی-آب-نظافت و حفظ ا لصحه wash و خدمات  تردیدات یا تروما را ارایه میدارد. 

 این اداره عمدتآ پروژه ها را در  بخش شرقی کشور و بطور فزاینده در مناطق جنوب شرقی کشور  از زمان شیوع  COVID-19 در  2020  تطبیق مینماید . 


PU-AMI  همچنین منحیث بازیگر اصلی در آمادگی و پاسخ به بیماری همه گیر – اجرای فعالیت های صحی و wash در سطح مراکز صحی و جامعه در کابل و فراتر از آن موقعیت خود را تثبیت نموده است. 

 در سطح جهان موسسه    PUIدر 23 مملکت  جهان به  6 میلیون نفر  در 5 قاره افریقا- آسیا- شرق میانه- امریکای لاتین و اروپا کمک مینماید. 


Job Description:

General Conditions of Employment: 


The employee shall abide to this job description, his/her employment contract, PU-AMI Afghanistan National Staff Regulations together with its annexes and attachments, as well as any  rules, regulations, internal policy that may be adopted by PU-AMI Afghanistan 


Work under the responsibility ofتحت مسولیت شخصیکه کار مینماید : WaSH DPM 


Supervise اشخاصی را که نظارت میکند: None  


In direct cooperation withدر همکاری مستقیم با : WASH Technical Assistants, Project Manager, Hygiene Promoters HFs staff, Logistic, security, HR, Finance 


Responsibilities and particular assignmentsمسؤلیت ها و وظایف مشخص  


General Responsibilities 

General Responsibilitiesمسؤلیت های عمومی:  

The Kit Distributer  is a member of the project team and is in charge of carrying out the beneficiary identification and lead the distribution process, distribution site selection process, set up and carry out the distribution and ensure strong community involvement and participation in the project, coordination with government line departments and will support in the implementation of non-food items (NFIs) distribution in the above-mentioned areas. To follow any other activity assigned by his line manager. 


Objective 1: Coordination and representation 


Activities/main duties 

• Coordination with WUG, community elders and influencers for their involvement in the kit distribution process. 

• Informing and engaging line departments in the distribution process of the kits. 

• Coordination with internal PU-AMI colleagues such Wash Technical assistants, hygiene promoters and HSC director on field level facilitation.  

• Coordination with logistic and security departments on delivery of the kits to required locations.    

• Representation of PU-AMI on field level during the kit distribution. 



Objective 2: HKs, O&M, Sanitation and Water Kits distribution 

Activités/main duites 

• Responsible for Preparations before distribution such as registration, voucher distribution, record keeping and informing the beneficiaries. 

• Conducting information campaigns on community level for the project, purpose of the activity, targeted beneficiary, selection criteria etc... 

• Updating the distribution plan for planning, frequency, predictable risks, possible response for the risk mitigation and schedule of distribution and following the distribution plan of the kits.  

• Carry out the kit distribution, in accordance with program guidelines, the distribution process of program beneficiaries. Always ensure the process is transparent, comprehensive and carried out in a dignified and participatory manner. 

• Selecting safe and appropriate distribution centers and its preparation with the consent of all involved parties. 

• Participate and manage the whole process of the kit distribution.  

• Arrive at the distribution center early enough to organize its layout and the staff.  

• Invite volunteers from the community to help carry the distribution particularly WUG and community elders. 

• Conduct situation analysis and update the security and line manager for any issue. 



Objective 3: Post Distribution management 


Activities/main duties 

• Obtaining guarantee letter from the beneficiaries using the kit. 

• Providing and keeping copy of distribution/donating certificate of the kit. 

• Monitor to ensure that the items distributed are used for the purposes intended. 

• Keep all records and share a distribution report with members of the coordinating mechanism, to ensure that distribution arrangements are consistent.  



Objective 4:  Protection Mainstreaming 

Activities/main duties 


• Managing kit distribution process in a coordinated, fair and organized manner, while strengthening their coping mechanisms, and taking account of their specific needs, cultural values, the environment, and physical context. 

• Responsible for the crowd control and management.  

• Avoid long ques with proper management or inviting beneficiaries at different times. 

• Avoid causing harm to women or children and all other categories of the beneficiaries by inviting them in a separate time and specific time. 

• Ensure accountability and transparency to beneficiaries. 

• Ensure participation and empowerment of the WMC and beneficiaries in the kit distribution and using process. 

• Allowing old aged people, children or women to receive the kit earlier. 


Job Requirements:

Qualification/ Requirements تحصیلات و شرایط لازمه  

• Having at least bachelor degree  

• Sensitivity to public environmental and cultural issues 

• knowledge and willingness to carry out frequent field visits throughout Nuristan and 

              Kunar provinces is required. 

• Good communication and coordination skills is must 

• At least three years NGO experience in kit or NFI distribution. 

Note: A maximum of 20 applicants/ positions with most relevant qualifications will be shortlisted for the next step. 


Submission Guideline:

Dear candidates, 

To apply for this vacancy, please use the following link 


If the link above does not work by clicking on it, please copy and paste it in the browser address bar. 

Make sure to press submit at the end of the application. 


You are allowed to apply only before closing date 

Due to large number of applicants we are unable to provide individual feedback. 

Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the criteria will be contacted. 

Qualified Female candidate are highly encourage to apply. 

Academic certificates/diplomas. These will be requested if called for interview. 



Submission Email:



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