External Publications

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103 Emergency Livelihoods in Northern and Eastern Afghanistan 2018-12-03

A review of programme stategy in Kunduz and Nangarhar integrating markets,gender and conflict sensitivity 

OXFAM Download
104 Humanitarian Action at the Frontlines: Field Analysis Series 2018-11-28

Fragile Future:The human cost of conflict in Afghanistan December

ATHA Download
105 Attacks on Education in Afghanistan 2018-11-21

Attacks on Education in Afghanistan

SCI Download
106 Breaking the cycle 2018-11-09

Towards a collective-needs based approach to hunger in Afghanistan

ACF Download
107 Ending the displacement trap 2018-11-23

New opportunities for Afghans to achieve durable solutions

ADSP Download
108 Returning to what? 2018-11-23

The challenges displaced Afghans face in securing durable solutions

NRC Download