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Key trends and incidents affecting children’s access to healthcare and education in Afghanistan (2016)

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338 We all must act now 2016-06-01

June 2016 NGO networks’ statement following World Humanitarian Summit conclusions

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339 The World Humanitarian Summit 2016-05-01

A Call for Strengthened, Inclusive and Coordinated Action

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340 The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) Summary Report 2015-06-29

Summary Report of World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) Regional Consultation Workshop ,South and Central Asia Which Conducted in Doshanba –Tajikistan During 28 – 30 July 2015.

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341 Restoring Humanity Global Voices Calling For Action 2015-01-01

Synthesis of the Consultation Process for the World Humanitarian Summit

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342 د اداري فساد پروړاندې د مبارزې د څارنې او ارزونې خپلواکه ګډه کمېټه 2016-06-04

 پروړاندې دمبارزې د څارنې او ارزونې ګډه کمیټې ارزونی ‎ځانګړی ریپورت / د اداری فساد

د څارنې او ارزونې کمېټه Download