Useful tips for Applicants

Last Update: 2016-08-16 06:09:33

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Welcome to the Application Useful Tips !

Finding a job in Afghanistan is complex and it can sometimes be intimidating. However, we hope that these recommendations, compiled by the ACBAR team, will give help you creating a successful application. Good luck !

Take your time before applying to really work on your application: don’t just send a CV and Cover Letter automatically. Here are 7 essential rules:

  1. Research about the organization and the position: READ the job description in details and the organization background/ website
  2. Adapt your CV/cover letter to the position requirements: you have to write a tailored and specific Cover letter/CV for each application
  3. Write a short and professional introduction email explaining to which position you are applying to.
  4. Submit your application on time and respect all the requirements specified by the employer
  5. Write in the subject line of your email the title of the position you are applying to.
  6. In an email, rename your documents with your Name: CV_Farah, CoverLetter_Hamidullah and use pdf
  7. Never lie/exaggerate in your application, it can easily be cross-checked


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