Regional Offices

Last Update: 2021-09-21 13:35:23

ACBAR’s Regional Offices

Jalalabad , Mazar, Kunduz, Herat and Kandahar


In 2018, ACBAR’s Regional office in Jalalabad has 47 members consisting of 20 national NGOs and 27 international NGOs. ACBAR Jalalabad coordinates the activities of member NGOs working in four provinces of Afghanistan’s Eastern Region (Nangarhar, Laghman, Kunar and Nooristan). Staff members regularly attend meetings including the PDMC (Provincial Disaster Management Committee), HRT (Humanitarian Regional Team) meetings, Eastern Region Shelter and Non-Food Items Cluster meetings, Protection Cluster meetings, IDP Task force meetings, Provincial District Council (PDC) meetings, sub-working group meetings on education, culture and sport, sub-working group meetings on agriculture and RRD, WASH Cluster meetings, child protection emergency meetings, INSO security meetings, and economy directorate meetings.
In 2018, Advisory Board members for ACBAR Nangarhar office are: JVC, AWRC, NPO/RRAA and WHH.


In 2020 ACBAR’s Regional office in Mazar-e-Sharif has 39 NGO members consisting of 16 national NGOs and 23 international NGOs. ACBAR Mazar coordinates the activities of member NGOs working in 5 provinces of Afghanistan’s Northern region (Samangan, Balkh, Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul and Faryab). In Balkh province there are 30 ACBAR members - 12 national NGO and 18 international NGOs.
In 2020, Advisory Board members for ACBAR Mazar office are: CARE International, SCI, DRC-DDG and HALO Trust.


ACBAR Kunduz Regional office was established in March 2016 and covers Kunduz, Takhar, Baghlan and Badakhshan provinces.  It currently has 19 members active in the province including 10 national and 9 international NGOs. This office supports its members through monthly coordination meetings, information and knowledge sharing, provision of advocacy support and capacity building programs. Through its services, ACBAR regional office in Kunduz facilitates an enabling environment for its member NGOs across the region in order to deliver more effective humanitarian services and development projects for vulnerable communities.
ACBAR takes part in meetings with the Provincial District Council (PDC) and provincial departments of line ministries across all sectors as required. 
ACBAR also regularly participates in UN-OCHA Humanitarian Regional Team (HRT) meetings, INSO Security Roundtables as well as meetings with NGOs and CSOs by invitation and as required.
The ACBAR Regional Office in Kunduz is also active in supporting the advocacy efforts of all its members and welcomes non-members to also share their activities with ACBAR members at the monthly coordination meetings.
ACBAR has an active Advisory Board which fully supports the regional office in terms of consultation, advocacy, reinforcement and consolidation of the coordination mechanism in all aspects. The Board operates through transparent voting by all members with the latest elections held in July 2020, resulting in the selection of NRC (Chair), ACTED, JACK and DACAAR.


ACBAR Herat is covering 4 western provinces like, Badghis, Ghor, and Farah & Herat.
We have 53 members in the west including 21 international and 32 national NGOs.
Member and non-member NGOs received trainings under capacity building project through ACBAR organization.
We have so close relation with all of our members, also we have  selected Advisory committee with 4 members for 2021- CHA, ACTED, WVI & AWEC and the chairperson of our Advisory Committee is Ms. Jamila Azimi Project Coordinator of AWEC in HRT.
We Holding ACBAR NGOs coordination meeting and an Advisory Committee Meeting regularly in monthly basses in HRT, but for the three other provinces we don’t have meeting because for each province there are two to three of our members whom have activities but all the members who have sub offices in Ghor, Badghis or Farah Provinces for surly there is their main sub office in Herat as well and through Herat we are advocating and solving any coming NGOs problems of three mentioned provinces.
ACBAR is participating to PDC, MoED Meetings and all other government Sectorial departments meetings if received invitation from related sectors.
ACBAR is regularly participating to UN-OCHA HRT meetings, INSO Security Round-Table, NGOs invitations, and any other necessary meeting in any organization which invite us and always we have close relation with each other.
ACBAR is doing advocacy for all members, information sharing and welcoming all non-members NGOs for apply to get membership of ACBAR. 
MoED is regularly strongly supporting ACBAR and all NGOs.


ACBAR Kandahar regional office has been covering four provinces as Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan and Zabul in the southern region of Afghanistan. Kandahar regional office is providing effective platforms for 40 member NGOs containing 24 International NGOs and 16 National NGOs. ACBAR continues to provide sub-national support to its members through coordination, information dissemination, advocacy & communication with stakeholders and capacity development for accomplishing effective humanitarian and development goals.  . 

Advisory Board Members for 2021 have been elected by the majority votes of all members from Handicap Int’l (HI), HNI-TPO, DRC and ACTED. The role of regional AB is to plan and coordinate activities at the regional or provincial levels. ACBAR regional team have been preforming activities such as conducting monthly NGOs Coordination Meetings (NCM), Advisory Board Meetings (ABM), visiting members’ provincial/regional offices and line ministry departments.

Besides, ACBAR is attending PDC meetings & sub-sectorial meetings. The team is also participating in HRT and regional sub-cluster meetings. ACBAR representation stands for addressing members’ challenges totally to enhance the scope and impact of its work among all member NGOs, UN agencies, CSOs and with provincial authorities in the south.

ACBAR also provides support to NNGOs in terms of NGO capacity building for example standardizing NNGOs with Twinning Program and Policy Support for Afghan National NGOs.