Request For Roots of Peace

Request For RFQ-CBARD-2021-046 (Provision of Polyurethane Panel, Generator, and Cold storage Refrigeration Eqp)

Roots of Peace (ROP) is a humanitarian organization whose mission is to rid the world of landmines and other remnants of war by transforming toxic minefields into thriving farmland and communities through a focus on sustainable, organic farming practices. Roots of Peace implementing community base agriculture rural development (CBARD) project to support the Production of Fruit and Vegetables as an alternative to poppy Cultivation and Trade in three high Cultivation provinces of Afghanistan.

The Project support cold chain facilities to bring to Market Afghan fruit and vegetables. This will aim Westow traders to source licit crops such as fresh fruits and vegetables from CBARD provinces while minimizing loss and deterioration.

Exporting better quality products to international markets is expected to lead to higher incomes for CBARD farmers and promote licit trade.

Moreover, the CBARD project will create a partnership between existing CBARD communities to reach three key objectives: reducing opium poppy cultivation, create licit economic development for former poppy farmers and women in the community, and supporting more sustainable peace.          

Roots of Peace request quotatons for the provision of Polyurethane Panel, Generator, and Cold storage Refrigeration Eqpuipment from potential suppliers. 

Please refer to the attached RFQ.