Request For Just for Afghan Capacity and Knowledge (JACK)

Request For Procurement for Internal Audit Services


The Internal Audit should be an independent appraising function within JACK, which provides management with a systematic review and evaluation of JACK financial data, operational, HR, Procurement, IT, program, technical, Monitoring & Evaluation and Provincial operations in terms of program implementation and operational performance during their health service deliveries in order to examine for determining compliance and the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of policies, procedures, practices and the overall internal control with compliance of JACK and Afghanistan Law and Regulations and ensure the accomplishment of defined objectives. 

The goals of this internal auditing assignment is to add value to JACK overall operations by presenting the core scope of internal audit by assisting the key risk areas and assessment of cost benefit analyses of all wings of JACK and management and to ensure effectively discharging their responsibilities, including the promotion of effective internal control at reasonable costs as well as compliance with the provisions of the organizational policies and where practicably possible.