Request For Afghanaid

Request For External Audit Service Provision to Afghanaid

Afghanaid conducts two different external audits every year. One external audit is conducted within Afghanistan where the Head Office and all programme operations are located and another is conducted in the UK which ensures that we are compliant to the Companies Act 2006. The UK audit is performed by Crowe U.K. LLP which includes the examination of the UK operations as well as the consolidation of the UK and Afghanistan accounts. The Afghanistan auditors will have to work closely with the UK auditors to ensure that all aspects of audit have been covered adequately in accordance to the referral instructions (There are specific issues that the UK auditors would like the HO auditors to follow up and report on during the audit).

Final audited accounts for Afghanistan operations for the period ending 31st December 2021 for the organisation are attached Annex I.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the external audit is to verify that the annual accounts provide a true and fair picture of the organisation’s finances; and that the use of funds is in accordance with the aims and objects as outlined in the constitution and to gives donors confidence that their funds have been properly used and the grant conditions are being complied with.

  1. Scope of Work

The successful bidder will be required to perform the following types of external audits:

  • Annual Audit (Statutory- Afghanistan Operations)
  • Project Audits e.g. expenditure verification.