Request For Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company (ABMMC)

Request For Redesign/Devlopment of ABMMC (Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company) Website

The ABMMC has issued this Request for Proposal (RFP) in order to select and contract with a company (“vendor”) to re-design the website ( so that is a modern, highly attractive (Dynamic) and built with responsive web design.

The ABMMC is seeking proposals from highly qualified, experienced website development companies to design, develop and implement its public-facing website. The chosen strategic partner must be a firm that has experience in managing website design projects, and expertise with best practices regarding:

•   Successful website redesign.

•   User experience and usability testing.

•   Information architecture.

•   Website development and deployment.

•   Content strategy.

•   Search engine optimization.

•   Responsive design.

This RFP does not obligate the ABMMC to award a contract or complete the project and the ABMMC reserves the right to cancel the solicitation if it is considered to be in its best interest.