Request For Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan - OSAA

Request For OSAA Request for the setup of Accounting system into the QuickBooks Software


Organization for Sustainable Aid in Afghanistan-OSAA is a women-led, non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan development and humanitarian-oriented local organization that was established and registered in Herat, Afghanistan, in 2015 with registration number 3728, aiming to foster the economic and social development of Afghanistan, in particular for women, with a high commitment to a sustainable approach to development.

The organization’s core founders and board of directors consist of well-educated, experienced, and goal-oriented women and men committed to using their knowledge and experience to empower women and youths through vocational training, employment services, capacity building, and education programs in Afghanistan.

OSAA recently purchased the QuickBooks 2020 Software original version for better management of financial affairs and assurance of transparency, accountability, and system-making in the finance department. So, OSAA is looking to hire a professional company for the setup and installation of QuickBooks software to run its operation in a more professional manner and help to achieve further transparency and professionalism by opting to atomize its operations.

Main Scopes of needed services:

  1. System analysis and configuration for software Setup;
  2. Company file setup and customization;
  3. Building & linking required Chart of Accounts (CoA);
  4. Setup and run the Database file;
  5. Setup and linking of Accounts in accordance with a standardized reporting system;
  6. Enabling the entity to run a multitude of financial reports under the same umbrella;
  7. Enabling the entity to store multiple project records under the same company file;
  8. Set up different required reports for the organization.

To carry out the above assignment, you are requested to submit your estimated price to or to the below address no later than October 1st, 2023, for more information please download the attachment.

Office Address: Herat University Road, next to Daneshjo 20 alley, House No. 96, Herat, Afghanistan

Contact Person: Mr. Ghulam Mahruf Sofizada, Senior Procurement Officer

Contact No: 0093794508435   -