Request For AKAH

Request For The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat invites bids for conducting Resilient Regenerative Zonning Planning

Tender Annoucement Page 1 The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat-Afghanistan (AKAH-A) invites bids for conducting Resilient Regenerative Zonning Planning of District 3 of Kabul City in Kabul province of Afghanistan. Expectations • Demonstrable experience, financial capacity and staff capability to achieve the consultancy objectives • Creativity in project design, and identification of other relevant tasks as part of the report • A financial proposal in local currency as well as USD. All proposals are deemed valid for 45 days, and cost estimates must be inclusive of all taxes • The bid security should be valid for two (45) days until the bids evaluation is completed Duration The duration of the project is expected to be 90 days (3 months) right from the issuing of Notice to Proceed (NTP/LoI) (01 Oct 2023- 31 December 2023). Process Interested applicants are requested to collect Request for Proposals (RFP) applications from AKAH’s Operations Department from addresses listed below in Kabul or electronically from email listed below. Please request an RFP with an official request letter from the company and a copy of AISA certificate or company registration certification starting from Sept 21, 2023. Or, the RFP can be requested electronically by sending a request to below email addresses along with a scanned copy of said licenses/certifications and introduction letter. Required documents and information The company is expected to provide the following documents and information or the document mentioned in RFP: • List of similar projects undertaken including supporting data for 5 most relevant examples. • Details of organization and project team, as well as CV’s of team members directly involved. Institution degree copies of all members may be requested prior to engagement of the selected firm. The consulting firms are to present in a tabular form, the personnel, and their qualification with minimum working experience in the respective disciplines and as per requirements. • Identify the required field studies, data collection, consultation and required skills and resources • Knowledge of local context and existing Plan development. • Explanation of how the consultant team intends to approach the project, including detailed methodology and timelines for all deliverables. (Methodology of work) • Details and profile of the consultancy. • Evidence of required Certifications, Licenses and Credentials of Consultancy. • Clear list of requirements/data/role from Aga Khan Agency for Habitat-Afghanistan for successful completion of the project with required information mentioned in table below. • Detailed project delivery plan including Schedule of Work (Breakdown of the Schedule with Role of AKAH and Consultant with clear timeline); • Recent three years audit reports, bank details and guarantee amount confirmation. • Signed RFP accepting terms and condition mentioned. • Technical proposal including methodology of the work • Submission of 2% of the total bid price against the bid security (only Bank Guarantee will be accepted). Criteria: • Proponents must acknowledge and understand the procurement rules, regulations, and procedures of the Owner (Aga Khan Agency for Habibat) • Prices should be all inclusive of taxes • Valid account number and bank card would be required should the Proponent is selected • Payment by the Owner will be through bank transfer only • Questions or clarifications can be submitted via email to or at the Pre-Bid meeting