Request For Equality for Peace and Development Organization (EPDO)

Request For Livelihood support for vulnerable women and small grants support to local CSOs

EPDO Background

Equality for Peace and Development Organization (EPDO) is an Afghan non-profit, non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Economy and has a membership of ACBAR. The NGO was founded in 2010 to empower Afghan youth in their communities and advocate for them at the policy level. EPDO’s work aims for Afghanistan to be a peaceful, prosperous, and welfare state. One in which each citizen enjoys equal rights free of any form of discrimination. EPDO’s aspirations for youth and civil societies to become active agents in securing their needs at the community and policy levels, to build coalitions and networks, and advocate for humanitarian work, inclusive human rights, and peace. Afghanistan is one of the world’s most complex emergencies and the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. The country’s crisis is multi-layered, coming from political tensions, poverty resulting in extreme food insecurity, economic decline because of mass unemployment, and natural disasters like droughts and floods.



Interested applicants to send a technical and financial proposal for the work in line with the following guidance:

Capability statement: How the CSO is structured for the assignment, the role each member of staff will play including the CVs of the key personnel who will take part in implementation of activities.

Technical Proposal: The CSO understanding and interpretation of the Terms of Reference, a detailed methodology on how they will undertake the activities towards achieving the outcomes and goals.

Financial proposal: Itemized budget proposal that should include the, operational costs, and all associated costs including VAT and tax.  

References: Names, addresses, telephone numbers of three organizations that you have conducted similar assessments for within the last three years, that will serve as your professional referees.

Interested CSO that meet the requirements should submit an expression of interest to ( by (Date is to be determined)