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Available RFQs and RFPs   80

SI Title Description Organization Format Close Date Download
1 RFQ No RFQ-010-2024 TLO 2024-07-01 Download
2 Service contract for the technical topographical survey of canals and drawings ActionAid 2024-07-06 Download
3 Provision of Construction Services for 20 Meters Bridge, 310 Meters Gravel Road and Protection walls Afg-Chin Oil and Gas LTD 2024-07-08 Download
4 دررابطه به اعلان تفتیش بیلانس شیت سال 2020-2023 A .R. C. S 2024-06-25 Download
5 Request for external project audit services Organization of Human Welfare-OHW 2024-07-04 Download
6 Provision of Repair and Maintenance Service for Kashkari CPF Facilities Afg-Chin Oil and Gas LTD 2024-06-26 Download
7 Provision of Designing Service for Field Development Plan of Kashkari, Aq Darya and Zamarudsay Oilfi Afg-Chin Oil and Gas LTD 2024-06-26 Download
8 Request for Proposal (RFP) for Audit Services Your Voice Organization (YVO) 2024-06-30 Download
9 Call for Expression of Interest Search for Common Ground 2024-06-29 Download
10 Promotion of Handicraft in E – Commerce Platform Aga Khan Foundation 2024-06-26 Download